The recent recall of over 4.7 million cars due to potentially faulty airbags underscores the importance of airbags as an essential tool for vehicle safety. We no doubt trust that our airbags will deploy timely and appropriately. Unfortunately, defective airbags can fail to protect us, causing injuries and death. There are several different types of airbag defects, including:


-Failure to deploy – airbag fails to deploy when it should have

-Deploying too readily – airbag deploys too fast or when it should not have deployed at all

-Deploying late – airbag fails to deploy quickly enough to offer proper protection to occupants

-Oversized airbags – airbags that over-inflate or deploy too far into the occupant space

-Undersized airbags – airbag fails to fully inflate in time to offer protection

-Untethered airbags – airbags that break loose from their holdings


System failures may also occur, causing airbags to deploy when the driver starts the vehicle or hits a pothole, for example.


The traffic safety administration has set up an online tool at for drivers to look up their vehicles in order to find out if any recalls apply.


If you or someone you know is hurt or killed in an automobile accident, you may have a products liability case against the manufacturer, distributor or airbag retailer. Additionally, the vehicle manufacturer may be held liable in some cases. Contact the law offices of Jinks, Crow & Dickson and set up a free consultation.


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