E Cigarette Explosions

Electronic cigarettes seem to have become very popular. It is commonly believed that E cigarettes are safer from a health perspective than regular cigarettes. However, there are some serious risks. An electronic cigarette has three basic components: 1) a cartridge that stores the liquid nicotine, 2) an atomizer which heats the liquid nicotine and 3) a battery. The battery is the source of the explosion risk.

Electronic cigarettes use lithium ion batteries. These are very powerful. They are also very common and can be found in any number of electronic devices such as cell phones, cameras and lap tops. The difference with electronic cigarettes is the proximity of the lithium ion battery to the atomizer which is a heating source. Lithium ion batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and have been known for some time to have a risk of explosion if they get too hot.

A lithium ion battery explosion is a very significant and destructive event. This is a very hot explosion that can cause significant burn injuries. Sometimes referred to as a thermal runaway, it can cause and has caused serious injury and in rare cases even death.

Most electronic cigarette explosions occur during the charging process. Like many electronic devices, E cigarettes are rechargeable. It is thought to be dangerous to use a charging device that did not come with the product to begin with. However, electronic cigarettes have been known to explode while being used or while being carried in a pocket.

Electronic cigarettes first came to the market in about 2007. Since then their popularity has grown. Unfortunately, however, the manufacture and sale of these products has gone largely unregulated. And when an industry lacks regulatory oversight sometimes the manufacturing process will get sloppy. Few people know about the potential risks of E cigarettes. Some kinds of electronic cigarettes seem to come with a greater risk of explosion than others. A MOD or personal vaporizer has a disconnecting battery and may present less risk than a vape pen. Because when the recharging battery is right next to the heat source this can be a recipe for an explosion.

Manufacturers of low cost and low quality products, including electronic cigarettes, should be held to account when their products harm people. At Jinks, Crow and Dickson we are committed to assisting people to assert their legal rights when they are injured by an unreasonably dangerous product. So if you are trying to stop smoking or want to smoke with less health risks, you may consider an electronic cigarette as an alternative to a regular cigarette. But be aware of the risks.

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