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In 2009, there were approximately 10,800,000 (yes – over TEN MILLION) car wrecks in the United States and almost 36,000 people were killed.  The good news is that is less than 1980 on both the number of wrecks and the number of deaths resulting from those wrecks.

One of the reasons is that we have safer vehicles.  Infiniti now has safety features such as lane departure warnings and distance control assistance that will regulate the speed of the vehicle autonomously. Engineers at Carnegie Mellon University are working with General Motors in developing a car that can actually drive itself.  It uses sensors, lasers, cameras and even thermal imaging to detect objects, signs, and traffic lights so that it can drive all by itself.  Google is working on one as well.  It is predicted that these cars will be on the market by 2020.

Until then, and because we probably won’t be able to afford the driverless car even then, here are some easy tips to keep you safer this year especially during the holiday season:

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